Minas Gerais

Land of Gold

The history of Minas Gerais runs alongside the history of mining in Brazil. Since its discovery, the state is known for the natural riches it holds, starting with gold, and, nowadays, for its colorful gemstones. Gems found in Minas sprout amidst the cerrado, the Brazilian savanna, in a region where fresh waters meet and create beautiful landscapes with a rich and diverse terrain.

Featured gems from the state: imperial topaz, amethyst, citrine, quartz, agate, granada, aquamarine, tourmaline, rubellite, emerald, topaz

Rio Grande do Sul

Purple Paradise

Mountains encrusted by vineyards, landscapes that remind us the rustic origins of the places, a coastline of wide beaches and restless sea. This beautiful profusion of reliefs hides an immense amount of gemstones, especially amethysts. Located in the extreme south of Brazil, Rio Grande do Sul is a unique place with a culture as strong and rich as its soil.

Featured gems from the state: amethyst, citrine, quartz, agate


Where Colors Meet

The place of joy, music and the sun. The nursery of Brazil,where they docked the first ships, also keeps precious gems in its underground. The yellow of the sun, the green of the forests and the unique blue of its waters match all the colors of the gems that originate there. The brightness of the place and its stones reflect the intensity of the culture and the joy of living of the inhabitants.

Featured gems from the state: amethyst, citrine, quartz, aquamarine, tourmaline, emerald


Between Blue Skies and Blue Water

The highlands that bring us closer to the clouds and waterfalls surrounded by mountains, hide a sort of wildlife species. Guardians of treasures that only the most trained eyes perceive. The diversity of Goias enchants by its sounds and colors. All life above the ground seems to imitate the underground beauty, as a mirror of the precious things preserved in its cliffs.

Featured gems from the state: amethyst, citrine, quartz, agate, emerald, tourmaline


A Giant by Nature

Crystalline waters that flow calmly between blue and green. Sea and river that share spaces and meet at the end of the road. Landscapes that change every season and always bring pleasant surprises. The Pará, giant in territory and greater by its beauty, keeps true treasures in its subsoil.

Featured gems from the state: aquamarine, amethyst, citrine, quartz, tourmaline, topaz


Shining Landscapes

Golden grass gardens in the middle of the cerrado, oasis protected by waterfalls, giant dunes in constant movement. In Tocantins, nature is impressive. Caves and creeks create unique irresistible scenery, revealing hidden colors in the deepness of the land and exposing riches that shine through a fantastic reality.

Featured gems from the state: emerald, amethyst, citrine, quartz


Green and Blue as One Color

Fresh waters cut through the continent and create islands,cliffs protect the land from the sea while the reefs guard the beauties of the ocean. A land of many shades, bathed by a special one: a mix of green and blue, united in a single color. Vivid, intense and unforgettable. A shade that graces one of the state's most beautiful gems, Paraíba owns an exclusive tourmaline.

Featured gems from the state: Paraíba tourmaline, tourmaline, aquamarine, agate